$FLAME is our stepping stone towards summoning NFT characters. $FLAME cannot be bought or sold on pancakeswap. Unlike $ZARD, $FLAME will have an unlimited supply and will be continuously minted to provide our users with the currency needed to attain the FireZard NFT’s.
Unlike other yield farming platforms, $FLAME will have no price fluctuation and will not depend on the price of $ZARD, therefore the APR will be a fixed rate of return for the entire duration only susceptible to change by the amount of $ZARD which is staked (More $ZARD staked = more $FLAME in return).
We are also looking to implement a F2P (Free to play) feature in our dApp where users don't need to buy $ZARD to earn cards. They can play for free, grind their way up and be able to summon cards at a much slower rate. This encourages new users to the platform but also incentivises them to purchase $ZARD in order to speed up their progress.