The Cards

What do the numbers mean?
Each FireZard NFT Card has a distinct set of features.
Each farmed and collected “card” will be unique and have a unique identifier which can only be owned by one person at any time. This gives us the capability to create unique, collectible cards which the community can collect and be rewarded for. Cards are not only collectible, but they have an instant win prize attached to them. Cards can have an instant win value worth anything from 0.1 BNB (Uncommon) to 1 BNB (Ultra Rare)
C - Common - 0 BNB
U - Uncommon - 0.1 BNB
R - Rare - 0.25 BNB
SR - Super Rare - 0.5 BNB
UR - Ultra Rare - 1 BNB
Each NFT and character will be given a specific ‘rarity’ rating and will be categorised into a specific class. This matters. Not just because there will be an extremely limited supply of rarer NFT cards for collectors, but because those higher rarity cards will also provide larger instant win rewards than those with lesser rarity. There will be a limited run of 1st Edition NFT Cards.
One thing to take note of is that all cards can be
Cards are also given a Type, Attack and Defence. Type being which element that dragon posseses, it's attack strength and it's defence strength. These values will come into play when we open our P2E gaming experience where investors can bring their best 6 cards to battle in order to win more prizes. Team building will be an integral part of our system.