The FireZard TCG

An integral part of FireZard is our aim to become not just a passive income reward scheme for investors, but a complete trading card game.
Our characters and NFT's are designed in a way to be used against each other in battle. The FireZard TCG will involve trainers bringing their best 6 cards to battle and pitting them against each other in order to win $ZARD and other prizes.
The TCG will be a turn based battle system with mechanics in place to favour those who have spent time and effort into building a well rounded team with the appropriate support.
Each dragon will have buffs and flaws against others, making it a tactical feat which doesn't solely rely on having the cards with the highest attack stats.
After the release of our 1st edition characters, we will slowly release item/buff cards which can affect the statistics of current characters. This will add another level of tactics to gameplay and make for a more level playing field.